ZinMeta is your partner in Digitizing Reality to Enhance Human Experience. Are you ready to redefine reality? We are. Together, let's shape the imminent digital reality that awaits us all.
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Our Vision for Businesses:

Imagine a world where every business, big or small, can unlock the full potential of their physical spaces and environments. Our vision is to empower businesses, industries, and individuals with the transformative technology of Digital Twins. Whether you're in real estate, hospitality, retail, or urban planning, ZinMeta is here to revolutionize the way you operate and connect with your surroundings.

Family Owned & Operated 

At ZinMeta, we are on a mission to transform the way we interact with our world. We are not just a company; we are a family of visionaries, creators, and innovators committed to shaping the future. Welcome to the era of Digital Twins!


Hektor, CEO & Co-founder, I invite you to join us on this incredible journey towards a more connected, efficient, and sustainable future.

Tanya, COO & Co-founder Let's shape a world where boundaries between the physical and digital blur, creating endless opportunities for growth.